I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience at Comprehensive Sports Rehabilitation. John Calle and his staff are truly committed and supportive of me and the athletes on our team. They always seem to go the extra mile in getting them healthy and strong. They are truly experts in the field of "sports rehabilitation". I never hesitate to recommend them. I am not only a satisfied coach, but in June of 2009, I had the misfortune of rupturing my patella tendon. Four days after surgery, John started his magic. It's now 12 months later and I have full range of motion, running and squatting like before the injury. On behalf of the "Council Rock North wrestling team", I would like to say thank you. Keep up the good work!!!

Tom Vivacqua
Head Coach- Council Rock North Wrestling

Dear John Calle and Bob Filer:
I want to compliment Comprehensive Sports Care Specialists, Inc., on the excellent attention I received from the competent personnel in your Warminster office. Kim initially greeted me kindly and efficiently handled my appointments and billing matters. Merle always was ready for my arrival with the necessary props to start my rehab exercises. She was ever attentive, cheerful and helpful. (As was Kelly). Ed most certainly deserves credit for the seamless operation of the Warminster unit and the quality of care I received. I was confident, after my initial evaluation, that he had thoughtfully tailored my rehab to my specific needs. He was a master at making me feel comfortable while helping me work toward my goals. The measurements he took gave me a sense of the progress I was making. I often marveled at how well he could serve a roomful of people and still offer a correction as he passed by or a word of encouragement. When I left the office after my last session, with a tee shirt, a packet of exercises to continue doing at home, and a candy reward, I felt that collectively the staff had done its very best to rehabilitate me. I thank them and you.

Barbara S. Abbott

Dear Bob,
How many ways can I say "thank you". After four months of physical therapy I graduated in no small part due to Ed Hunter's diligent and tender care. He was patient, kind and a thorough professional and I am the beneficiary of all of his training. While I am happy to be independent and on my own physical schedule, I do miss him, his staff and their expertise. I've recommended him and your facility to many people here at Ann's Choice and given his card to my surgeon. Best wishes for your continued success.

Joan Gormley


As a serious lifelong athlete who played football, basketball, baseball, track and tennis, I know that there is nothing more important than getting back into action as quickly as possible after an injury occurs. Similarly, as a coach who occasionally has an injured athlete on my team, I want to get the best possible care for that young person.

Two years ago I was suffering from an acute case of lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) to my left elbow as a result of playing golf. The pain was so severe that I could barely hold a glass of milk in my left hand. A friend suggested that I see John Calle at Comprehensive Sports Care Specialists in Newtown. I had not heard of them but after John's diagnosis and weekly therapy, I was playing tennis and golf pain free within five months. In fact, so complete was my recovery that I broke 70 for the first time at a local course! I certainly didn't like being injured but actually enjoyed my time at John's facility. He and his staff were professional, courteous, patient and funny. John and his staff gave me hope and confidence that I would be able to resume my former activities. More importantly, they have taught me to do all of the things that will prevent the overuse injury from reoccurring.

I am also proud to coach one of the best high school tennis programs in Pennsylvania at Council Rock North High School. When one of my players injures an ankle, wrist, shoulder, etc., I am glad I can confidently recommend an organization that can provide the best therapy possible. I have been amazed at how fully my injured tennis players and golfers have been able to return safely to full participation in their sport.

Paul Wysocki
Varsity Tennis Head Coach, Council Rock North High School
Junior Varsity Golf Coach, Council Rock North High School